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Happy New Years to my Manic Followers! Today I want to share a bit about me, the year we’re finishing and the year we’re beginning. If you are reading this it’s because you followed my main domain and not my monthly blog site, The Manic Writer, where I do book reviews, WIPpet Wednesday, and other great content. The reason I have this site is that my daughters also write and create art and this will be used as a landing page for all of us when they are ready to have websites.

First off, I’ve gotten many new subscribers because of the Nano Blog Hop and I’m so excited and thankful that you’re here! I hope you’ll subscribe to my main site, The Manic Writer. I’m following many of you and enjoying your blogs as well. I comment when I have something useful to say and like when I loved the post but don’t have much to add. I intend to have a monthly post of the most useful blogs I’ve read each month and plan to include as many of you as I can.

Let’s talk about 2016.

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A lot of people think 2016 was a terrible year. Many things changed this year but I don’t think it was terrible. I’m not glad that we lost so many actors and artists but I think it’s simply a result of fate and aging. I miss them terribly, especially Alan Rickman and David Bowie. Death is a normal part of the ebb and flow of life. It’s difficult to deal with, but something we all must face.

2016 was a great year for me. I stopped working for someone else and started working for myself. (Alright, I can’t pay myself yet, but I’m working on that.) It’s the first full year I lived in my own house, complete with septic problems, water leaks and strange wallpaper from the previous owners. It’s also the year I got published for the first time!

So all in all, I have to call 2016 a success.
Now let’s talk about 2017.

I have big goals set for 2017. I have several books I want to have finished and either ready for publishing or published. I’m working on making pages for them on my main site, The Manic Writer.

These are my current plans. Click here to see my current works.

I should tell you that I write full time, other than being a Wife and Mom, writing, and reading, are my life. I currently get about 20 hours a week of writing in and I’m hoping to increase that to 25 in the new year. I really need to be at my computer at 5 am and not 530 for that to happen or to work Saturdays, which I currently do not do.

So here goes…my 2017 plan.

In January my web novella, Divorced White Female, will begin being published, a chapter at a time. It consists of four novellas that will follow Lylah as she starts dating again after a difficult divorce.

My novel An Amethyst in the Rough which has been lovingly critiqued by my amazing critique partners, Kathryn and Buddy, will be finished by the end of February and ready for editing, cover art, and publishing. I’m undecided about what I’ll do with from there. (Buddy writes amazing comics! You should check him out!)

I’m also working on an erotic romance series called The Poly Chronicles. Book’s 1 and 2 are in revision and the next 2 or 3 books are in my head. My hope is to have them done by June and ready for publishing. My current plan is to self-publish them.

That’s all I’ve planned for 2017 so far. I have ideas for 2 sequels for An Amethyst in the Rough, and I’d like to develop and outline them. I also have an idea for another series in my head and a second erotic romance trilogy that I really want to work on and get published. In June I will reestablish where I am and plan the remainder of the year accordingly. I don’t think I’ve set the goal too high since much of what I’m working on is already written. I’m really only expecting myself to produce 4 new novella-length books, everything else written and simply needs revision. Anyway, stick around and see how I do.

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